Southwest Airlines Continuing to Go Social

My interest for social media has me searching for companies who have done it the right way. After reading an article from PR Daily about Southwest Airlines ( I decided it was something to look into.

Southwest launched there blog ( in 2006. To date, SWA has continued their successful blog but has also worked their way outside the blogosphere with a Twitter account (@SouthwestAir), a Flickr group ( where people can post pictures of SWA flights, a Facebook Fan site ( to keep people updated on SWA items, and a YouTube site ( which contains videos about SWA destinations, and some other fun info.

The best part about Southwest Airlines, they don’t just HAVE these sites, they USE them (sounds a little obvious, but you’d be surprised!). Looking into their news releases, they always have something going on. The most recent: the celebration for bringing SWA to LaGuardia! On June 28th, they launched their “New Service, New Attitude, New York” themed celebration. Southwest Customers and Employees dined on New York style bagels while being serenaded by Southwest’s rapping flight attendant, David Holmes (video of it on:

On June 26th, SWA sent out a Tweet that said, “Get ready 4 “tweet in 2″- giving spots on our 1st LGA flts 2 peeps that attended Southwest Social! U have 2 mins to tweet back and claim it!” . They did the same thing on the 24th for people in the DC area. On the day of the event, everything was documented on Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and their blog!

The mission of Southwest Airlines is,”dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.” I don’t know all of you, but I think if the company keeps all of this up, their bound to be around for a while!

Spreading the LUV through social media… Southwest Airlines!



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