Multimedia to Twitter: The Beginning of Something Beautiful or The End of Something Simple?


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I read this blog post this morning 5 Big Questions About Twitter’s Move to Multimedia written by Adrianne Jeffries, and couldn’t help but wonder, “Will this be the beginning of something beautiful, or the end of something simple”?

My thought process:

When I joined Twitter about 2 years ago, I loved the fact that it didn’t have all that “extra” stuff (like when you stare at a Facebook feed)… you would scroll down your feed, possibly click on a list (once lists came to be) and find what (or who) you were looking for.  Is this multimedia addition to Twitter going to ruin the simplicity?

Also, another thought process … remember the World Cup a few weeks back?  remember the “fail whale phenomena” due to the tied up “Twitter lines”, because so many people were updating and RT’ing?  Will the multimedia addition to this prominent social media site cause the “fail whale” to make way too many appearances, once again? 

The questions asked by Jeffries in the above listed link are great ones, including questions about third-party clients being booted due to the addition, and hosting pictures on their site.  Think about it … would you trade in your Hootsuite or YFrog just to see pictures straight on your Twitter feed?

Personally, I don’t think I’m a fan.  I like having the short links that lead to photos and videos, that way if I want to see them I’ll click on them and if not, it’s not crowding my feed.  I guess I’ll have to see as Twitter unveils its upcoming features and only hope for the best.  C’mon Twitter, don’t let me down now!


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