Who’s Who In the #SM World: Let’s talk @Garyvee!

I’m pretty sure we all know who Gary Vaeynerchuk is … but, in case you don’t you should probably check out his Bio on his website (http://www.GaryVaynerchuk.com).   Besides  Changing the Wine World, giving phenomenal business advice, hosting amazing videos, and being the author of New York Times Best Seller, Crush It  (and that’s not even half of what he does!) … he’s also taking time out to UStream and Tweet with (and highly entertain) people like you and me!

This morning Garyvee held a UStream chat discussing things like the Jets, his new book release (I can’t wait!), and an article published this morning (Google Just Killed Net Neutrality).  On top of the “serious stuff” he also brought out the true Gary Vaynerchuk and danced to Miley Cyrus … and then did the Moonwalk (no, this isn’t a joke … for those of you that missed it, he pretty much killed it)! 

During the UStream I tweeted Gary (@Garyvee) to let him know how phenomenal Crush It was [is] … and he shouted me out and told everyone to follow me!  Ten minutes later (if that) I was up 63 followers on my account!  Talk about immediate response!  I asked my new-found followers what I should be blogging about and @BryanPhillips sent me a Tweet that read, “try a post on how garyvee affected you today?  has to be positive”.   Thanks for the idea Bryan, here it is!

Well, clearly, you can’t have a post that involves Garyvee that’s NOT positive!  This is the perfect example of conncecting via social media.  I’ve been trying, for months, to get ideas out of my followers for blog posts … I mean, you are my readers, so what pleases you to read pleases me to write!  In ten minutes, I not only had my number of followers increased, I also had ideas for blogs from 5 or more people! Awesome!

Garyvee is constantly full of energy, always on the move, and continuously interacting with his audiences… and because of his interaction I’m not up followers!  Hopefully, sometime in the near future, I can get Gary to do a video interview with me … but, until that happens definitely check out some of his videos on YouTube to experience his higher-than-life personality & amazing advice!

Thanks Gary for an awesome Thursday morning pick-me-up!


7 thoughts on “Who’s Who In the #SM World: Let’s talk @Garyvee!

  1. Just glad you are real, and that gary pushed you a little, can’t wait to read your stuff.

    Love the Social world, just not what I am paid to do, yet. If I can help in any way, let me know.

    • Kristin says:

      Thanks Bryan! I work for Special Olympics New Jersey, managing their social media. I love working in the social world!

  2. Sara says:

    Gary was totally awesome and I love that you are putting stuff out there. I am trying to start my own blog and make my contribution to the social media madness but I want to make it good so while I am hustling (garys words!) I am still waiting for that one thing I want to passionatelly blog about!!! I might have some ideas but I want to know about the stuff before I put it out there.

    So wish me luck on finding it and pursuing it and Good luck on your endeavours!!!!

    • Kristin says:


      Once you find your niche, go for it! I originally started this blog to present my senior thesis in college! I figured I was analyzing social media … why not present it on a blog? After that I kept switching direction, and I’ve finally landed in a good spot! If you love writing, and you love what you’re writing about, the rest will just flow! If you see an article you like or use a product really often, do some research on the company and start there! The deeper you dig, the more interesting the information is! Good luck with everything, and thanks for reading!

      • Sara says:

        Thanks for the advice. The whole articel, product, company research sounds like a good way to start. I guess I never thought I would have something interesting to say but the more I summerge in the social media pool I can tell that all I need to do is find people that want to listen.

        I will keep you updated on my blogging advances !!!

  3. Kristin says:

    I’m sure you’ve got plenty to say! Remember, the beauty of social media is the conversation!! Make it two sided … ask questions, get opinions, incoporate other people’s ideas … once you get the conversation going, you’re set! Let me know when you start, I’d love to read!

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