Facebook Places Arrives … Trouble in Paradise for FourSquare or a Blessing in Disguise?

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On Wednesday night, Facebook launched their new service, Facebook Places; a geolocation tool added to the social networking site using GPS to pinpoint your current location.  The tagline for this new feature is Facebook Places: Who. What. When. And now Where. As soon as it launched poeple couldn’t wait to see what it was about.  Yesterday at around 2 pm, Facebook tweeted, “We know many ppl are eager to try Facebook Places. Please be patient–we ‘re rolling it out gradually in the U.S.”

At first launch on Wednesday night the articles, tweets, and posts on the feature were immense! People were reporting that Places was a ripoff of FourSquare and others, like  Lance Ulanoff of PCMag.com were reporting that “Facebook Places Will Crush Foursquare”.

This morning, Mashable posted a story “Foursquare Experiences Record Signups After Launch of Facebook Places” that states:

“Foursquare is experiencing record interest in the wake of the launch of Facebook Places; on Thursday, the location service broke its record for new user signups.”

A question came to mind when reading this article… Do you think that Foursquare will continue to benefit from the launch or do you think people are just checking it out due to the comparisons between it and Facebook Places?

My immediate opinion (which may change after Places has been released for a while) is that FourSquare will not perish under the weight of Facebook Places.  A lot of the people using FourSquare are Twitter users, who do not use (or rarely use) Facebook.  The two different products will be used for the 2 different audiences.  Majority of Facebook users & Twitter users are NOT the same people and the 2 platforms are used for different purposes.  I think FourSquare will be safe in the long run.



2 thoughts on “Facebook Places Arrives … Trouble in Paradise for FourSquare or a Blessing in Disguise?

  1. Rachel says:

    Good post. What do you find is different between Facebook and Twitter users? What makes you think the majority of Foursquare users are Twitter uses as opposed to Facebook or both? I haven’t heard that but it makes sense…just curious. Is there research out on that?

    • Kristin says:

      Thanks Rachel,

      I find that Facebook users tend to be interested in more about people’s lives and Twitter users tend to be more interested in the content users are putting out. Twitter users seem to mind less about the person’s life that is putting out the content, as long as the person posting the content is trustworthy and the content is newsworthy.

      In regards to the Twitter users using Foursquare more than Facebook users, I haven’t looked up any published research on it … but just from my experience with friends and connections I have made it seems that way. Plus, now with Facebook Places, FB users have less of a desire to stray away from FB to use another application. Juts some observations I’ve made! Thanks for reading!

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