The Facebook “Mystery Announcement” Facts (and my opinions) …

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 On Wednesday, I along with the rest of the social media world, learned that Facebook was going to make a “mystery” announcement … they called the Press and got everyone ready for (what we hoped to be) an epic update.  At 1:30 PM the announcement began, it was broadcast via Facebook Live so we could follow along as it was happening.   Zuckerberg took the stage (I’ve got plenty to say on that issue later on) and the announcements began.

The first announcement that was made was “Download your Data”.  Zuckerberg stated on Wednesday that “all people should have access to all of their personal information on Facebook”.   “Download your Data” will allow people to contact Facebook and have a chance to get all of their information (photos, videos, friends, info, wallposts, events, etc.) uploaded into a ZIP file and sent to them. 

My opinion on this: DANGEROUS! I think that Facebook is asking to have it handed to them.  In order to get this information, Facebook says you will need to go through many steps of verification such as name, password, friend recognition and other personal questions… but when has that stopped accounts from being hacked before?  I, personally, do not like this addition… I think that people are going to have information being stolen right and left and Facebook is going to have many (more) lawsuits on hand.

The second announcement was about the “Apps You Use Dashboard”.  Basically, when you use different applications on Facebook you allow them to access all of your information.  This dashboard is a simple way of accessing all of your Apps. and being able to change what permissions the App. has whenever you want.  It will have a detailed log of the info the Apps. are getting over time, so you have a better idea of what permissions you want the App. to have. 

My opinion on this: Awesome!  This is an organized way to find information that was originally spread across two different screen areas.  I’m all for organization and making finding things easier. Way to be Facebook!

Last but certainly not least (because we know Facebook will have something new in 2 weeks), the BIG announcement was  “Facebook Groups”.  Zuckerberg said that Facebook Groups will be “clusters of people weighted by relationships”.  Each group will represent a shared space in your life.  With “Groups” you can update a status about work in your “work group” so that all of your co-worker friends can see it, or you can make an event solely for your sorority sisters.  There are three privacy option in Groups; Open (anyone can see it), Closed (only the people in the group can see the posts), and Secret (no one can see that you’re a part of the group or that you’re posting to the group).  Basically, this is an improvement on Facebook Lists (and thank goodness, because I hated FB Lists).  The last part of “Groups” is the ability to have a group chat.  I know, it brings everyone back to the AIM days… but, I participated in a group chat yesterday and it was awesome!  Try it!

My opinion on this: So far so good … but only time will tell!  I definitely love the group chats though!

My opinion on Facebook coming out with these glorified announcements: Twitter released New Twitter not too long ago, and in turn Facebook needed to do something fast.  While the information released consisted of some very interesting stuff, the meeting was unorganized and very poorly put together.  Also, Zuckerberg is a terrible public speaker (I counted the amount of times he said “UM” and it was over 135 times in one hour)…  I know he’s a young guy and all, but it could have been much better presented. 

Any thoughts?


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