Great Social Media: Take @CocaCola for Example


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On June 29th of last year, I posted my Senior Thesis on this blog … basically, it was an analysis of the way different people and companies were using social media (some successfully, others… not so much).  One of the posts I put up was about Coca Cola (See post here) and the amazing job they had been doing with their social media.  I wrote mainly about their blog, Coca-Cola Conversations and their widget, Coke Tag. 

Well folks, I’m here today to give them just a little bit more credit because this company deserves it!

This morning, Mashable posted an article about the “5 Most Engaged Brands in Social Media“.  Mashable usually has great content in these articles, so I decided to skim though.  Low and behold … there was Coca-Cola. 

 The article mentioned Coca-Cola’s video “Unlock the Secret Formula” which, according to Mashable, is “a viral video campaign featuring Coke’s inventor, Doc Pemberton. By clicking on bottle links in the videos, viewers are taken to the @docpemberton Twitter page, Coke’s Ahh Giver app on Facebook (which allows users to send a message to a friend delivered in video format by the Coke polar bear), and Coke’s Smilezier, a novel feature that allows users to record their laughter and listen to other people’s as well.”

This viral campaign is BRILLIANT if I do say so myself.  The video is fun to watch, completely engaging, and leads their followers to more of their sites!  After reading the Mashable article and watching the video, I needed to let Coca-Cola know that I thought it was great.  I tweeted the brand and within MINUTES, I got a reply back that said:

CocaCola – @KMWein Thank you, Kristin! 🙂 ^SS”

Not only do their postings contain awesome content for their users and followers, but they are creating conversation within the brand and making their followers feel important.  Coca-Cola is a clear example of what brands should be doing within the social media realm. 

Cocal-Cola is definitely one of my favorite brands to follow …. what are some of yours?  I’d love to do a little research and post about the deserving SM users!


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