Looking for Input! Social Media in the Unemployed World… A Help or A Bust While Job Searching?

Follow up… Be persistent… Go for what you think you should have… Make your presence known!


These are all pretty common phrases you hear when searching for that “dream job”.  Here I am,  searching for my dream job in the public relations world … mainly the social media realm of the industry … and as much as I follow up, be persistent, and make my presence know, it’s proven to be impossible (for the time being).

So, for those of you in the industry… read on, and let me know how I should be improving my job hunting skills!

I find a job I love,  I find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and wherever else they might be (I mean… if I’m applying for a social media job, I want to see what it is that they’re trying to improve or add upon), I put together a cover letter and submit my resume, and then I connect.

I have 2 years of experience in my field and I love what it is that I do… and I know that I’m good at it.  I’m a confident young woman, who is the ultimate people-person, and I don’t mind working my “you-know-what” off to get the job done quickly, properly, and fantastically.  I have a pretty fair resume, and I highlight the things I’m good at and have been recognized for in my cover letters.

What I’ve learned: Very few companies will get back to you on Twitter, and even less will get back to you via Facebook.  LinkedIn is good if an HR rep. posted the job, because then you can connect to them and “speak” with them that way… bu, you still very rarely hear back.  Personally, I believe an introduction outside of a resume and cover letter is a good thing, so why don’t companies like to interact?  I’d love someone’s input on that, especially if there’s a better way to go about what I’m doing.

Someone once recommended that I put together a video resume, but when I asked a handful of HR reps. what they thought about the idea, it basically got laughed at.  They don’t have time to sit there and watch videos all day… they scan through a resume and cover letter (if they don’t already have a machine doing it for them), and you either get considered or dropped that way.

I’m just looking for advice here, because the more input I get from different people and companies will help me in the long run.  Do you think connecting via social media, when you’re looking for a job in the social media world is a good idea or not and why?

Thanks to anyone who helps out, I appreciate it!


One thought on “Looking for Input! Social Media in the Unemployed World… A Help or A Bust While Job Searching?

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