Let’s Talk Google+ (and forget that I haven’t posted in 5 months).

Who makes a blog and doesn’t post on it?  This girl.  Clearly, I’ve got an excuse for the past week or so – playing with my new Google+ account has taken over all of my free time (Okay, not really … but it seems as if it could be a valid excuse on a social media blog, right?).

But, really, let’s get to the good stuff.  Google+!   I literally just read (seriously, like 2 minutes ago) a report that Google+ is about to hit 10 Million Users … that’s no joke!  I’ve gotten mixed reviews from people – but, I personally am loving it.

Sure, the features are all similar to Facebook and Twitter –  but for some reason, it seems less chaotic to me.  Anyone else get that feeling?

Circles are my favorite feature, so far (I haven’t played with Hangouts yet, so we’ll see – because that may become the new favorite).  I enjoy being able to pick who goes where, easily.  It’s a more organized version of Facebook Lists.  Granted, if lists were part of Facebook at the launch – it probably would have been just as easy… but, remember, when it launched everyone already had hundreds, if not thousands of friends that they had to sort through.  Not really my cup of tea (or many other people’s, if I remember correctly).

I like being able to post to the people in a certain Circle if I want- and that I can read posts solely from the people who belong in that circle.   It’s neat, it’s organized, it’s simple… and for some reason, I find it exciting.

Sparks is pretty cool – it’s like Facebook interests on steroids.  Basically, you let Google+ know what you’re interested in, and all of a sudden you’ve got pictures, articles and videos on your interest.  It could keep you busy for days (if you were bored enough to sit there and go through everything).

As previously stated, I haven’t “Hung Out” yet – but I plan on it shortly.  Any takers?  Everyone who I have spoken to, who has participated in a Hangout, think it’s pretty rad.  Oh, and for those of you downers who are saying that Facebook just launched a video chat feature – yes, they did … but it’s not for up to ten people at once.

Do I think Google+ is going to take over Facebook? Nope. Facebook seems a little bit more playful than Google+ to me.  What do I mean by playful?  That’s a good question – which I’m still trying to figure out.. but at the moment, I’m going to stick with it.   Do I think Google+ is going to explode (as if 10 million users isn’t exploding already)?  Yup.

I’m excited to see what they’re coming up with next.  Business pages are being rolled out, along with many other features.  Google+ is still extremely new… and I think they learned their lesson with the fail of Buzz.  Google is listening and responding… and doing awesome things.

Oh, and PS the Google+ Android app. is AWESOME.

Thoughts / comments / questions … leave them here!  More posts to come soon… PROMISE!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Google+ (and forget that I haven’t posted in 5 months).

    • Nancy Zimmerman says:

      Thanks for trying Kristin. I don’t know if it is me or what, but this is the second invite I have received and when I tried to join I got the standard google message something about ‘no more room in the cool club’ for right now– still waiting to get in :,+(

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