Do You Hate Facebook?

In a report updated and posted  on July 19, by the American Customer Satisfaction Index Facebook is one of the most hated social media platforms / websites!  The only thing it beat out is MySpace (and well, I don’t know too many people who enjoy MySpace nowadays.. so that’s no accomplishment).

What I want to know is why?  Why do people hate Facebook so much?

Is it, possibly, the constantly changing interface?  Unless you keep tabs on all of the changes their making (which I need to because of my job) – you don’t know what’s going on with your private information.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Facebook addict – definitely not one of the “haters”, but I guess I understand where people are coming from.  Some people are more “simple social media” people.  I’ve always heard the “Facebook has too much clutter”, and “I don’t need all that STUFF” excuses.

Is the fact that Facebook is constantly changing necessary?  I believe so.  They need to keep up with the ever-changing social media world.  If they left their product the same way it was when it launched, other companies would eat it up… and it would end up being just another MySpace.

Facebook is the perfect example of social media.  Relatively speaking, it’s not the same as it was yesterday- and will not be the same tomorrow as it is today.  In order to keep up with the times (and the number of people), its got to keep changing.

If that’s why people are Facebook haters, then I say keep on hating.  I’d much rather have a social media platform that is up to date, new and exciting than one that is dated, just so it’s “easier to use”.

Just my opinion.  Any thoughts?


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