A Revamped Blog, For A Revamped Lifestyle…

You grow up thinking life is going to go one way – and before you know it, it’s headed in a completely different direction.  My change of direction came from the unfortunate circumstance (so I thought) of being let go from my last job.  However, after really analyzing the situation, I’ve recently come to see it was nothing but a blessing in disguise.

This blog is now just like my life … REVAMPED. Previously social media and PR, and currently on the road to somewhere new.

You’re supposed to love what you do – not be miserable on a daily basis.  Sure, every day won’t be rainbows and sunshine – but what’s the point of working somewhere there’s NEVER rainbows and sunshine?  Life is too short to be miserable.

After losing my job, I wasn’t the happiest person on the face of the planet ( I mean, who would be?).  All I could think about was the lack of money to pay the bills, the lack of things to do during the day (I cannot sit in my house 24/7 – I am way too fidgety for that), OH .. and the pure fact that I was unemployed didn’t make things easier.  But, after 24 hours of feeling sorry for myself – I decided to take the negativity, get rid of it, and do something positive with my “time off”.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going back to school (well, I hope to be) for Higher Education: Administration. So many people, in that field, inspired me in college – and I’d like to be able to pass that on… so, I’m going to :).

It still stinks to have no money – but, I’m working on some part-time opportunities at the moment … I don’t have to worry about sitting around the house and doing nothing, because I’m training to run a 5 mile run in November, I’m getting certified to teach Zumba on Sunday, and I’ve been filling out grad school applications and studying for the MATs.

Life is “in limbo” at the moment … some days are great, and others are terribly slow and boring – but, I’m lucky enough to have amazing people in my life to help me through those slow / boring days, and put a smile on my face.

It’s time to live my life how I see fit, and I’m going to work my butt off to get where I want to be.  I’m taking the negative aspects of the past year of my life and using them to push me to do bigger and better things.

This is my life … In Progress


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