Totally Out Of My Hands….

I’m at the point where I know I’ve done everything I can do … I’ve submitted everything I can submit … and yet, I’m waiting on other people to submit what they need to in order for everything to be in on time.  On time = 8 days.

I’m a very anxious person – I like to worry (okay, “like” might be a bit of a stretch … but I can’t help it, it just happens).  I like things to be done before the time they’re due.  I like knowing I have a few days (and by a few, I mean more than a week) of wiggle room in case anything goes wrong.  Most people do, right? Maybe?

Getting that email, a week and a half before the application deadline, saying that the school of my choice didn’t have my recommendation letters or my transcripts (when I had requested my transcripts over a month ago, and my recommendations not too far after) FREAKED me out.  All I could think about it, what if they don’t get submitted on time?  What if someone else not paying attention to deadline dates is the reason I don’t get in to the program I want to?  What if… What if.. What if?!  Calling my undergrad and raising hell about the transcripts is (was) easy … but, calling the people who have agreed to write amazing things about you so that you can get into grad school and raising hell … you just can’t do that.

Clearly, these people have lives outside of writing my grad school recommendation forms -but they did say they’d do it … so checking in isn’t so bad, right? I hope I’m right, because that’s what I did.  Finally after two emails, a phone call, and a totally unnecessary October snowstorm (which probably didn’t help anyone with anything) – I got an email back saying the recommendations were sent in as of yesterday.  Phew!  They do care.. they’re not out to ruin my life  (this was obvious, but like I said… I worry too much).  Now I can relax, right?  Nope.

Everything is in now … transcripts, test scores, recommendations, resume, letter of intent, payment … and now it’s all on the school.  It’s totally out of my hands.  What a feeling.  I forgot what this felt like … the last time I waited for an acceptance like this was almost six years ago.  Holy roller coaster ride, Batman.  Eight days left until the application deadline … so, when will I hear from the school?

This is my life…  In Progress.


2 thoughts on “Totally Out Of My Hands….

  1. Andy says:

    Close shave… annoying. It does seem people don’t care. I have a hard time trusting or relying on people too… seems they’re too wrapped in themselves. Glad they came through… you’ll get in!

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