It’s Official, I’m a Graduate Student – Let the Adventure Begin….

It’s been a while – but here’s the update!

I got accepted into the program!  I am officially a full-time Graduate student in the Higher Education: Administration program at Rowan University!  It was DEFINITELY an exciting day in my life when I got the notification.  Since then, it’s been a ton of craziness dealing with loans and payments, financial aid, the bursars office, and adding to it all- moving … but, hey, it’s all totally worth it!

I moved this past Sunday, and started classes on Tuesday (well, had 1 of 3) … talk about a quick turnaround period!  Here I am, finding new classrooms, meeting new people, buying new books (ugh, buying books), and getting adjusted to a brand new campus .. basically, just living the dream.

My new challenges: doing GREAT in all of my classes, finding a job while in school, and landing an Assistantship for the Fall!

I’ll be taking each day one hour at a time, crossing my fingers, working hard and hoping for the best!

This is my life…  In Progress.


One thought on “It’s Official, I’m a Graduate Student – Let the Adventure Begin….

  1. Bobby Fredericks says:

    Hi Kristin,

    a friend that I know from when I went to school at Boonton High School is now an instructor at Rowan. Her name is Amy (last name is either Woodworth or Starnes)

    Bobby Fredericks

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