A Heavenly Day In The Life Of A Grad Student…

I started Grad School in the Spring, which isn’t really a normality.  I got laid off from my job and decided it was time to do something with my life that I really wanted, and loved to do.  I put my mind to it, applied for school, eventually got in and THEN applied for a graduate assistantship.  Sure, it’s backwards for most people – but, for me, it didn’t matter… it was going to happen.

I reached out to the people in charge of the Graduate Assistantships before I even got accepted into the program, and again after I got accepted… and again when I started the program.  Working in the PR world, I was always told persistance was the key – and this time, it worked out to my advantage.

I got called in for a first interview… and then called back for a third… and then made an appointment to meet with the current GA’s whose spots I’d be filling if I got the position.  Then, they asked for references.  After that, it was a waiting game (because, anything good is worth waiting for, or course!).

Well, I heard back yesterday … and I got it!  I got the assistantship!  I couldn’t believe it (I still kind of can’t).  My reaction to the offer … well, basically just picture a person

jumping for joy, two feet in the air and smiling ear to ear.  My reaction, in person, was much more professional and composed, of course, but I was basically doing a salsa / mambo inside (spoken like a true Zumba instructor, right?).

I will officially be the Graduate Coordinator for the Rowan University Chamberlain student Center, as of Fall 2012.  My life is FINALLY on the track I want it to be on, and I have so many people supporting me in the process.  Sure, the work isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun – but, it’s going to all be so worth it in the end .  I couldn’t be happier!!!

Oh – and by the way – in reference to my last post … I just got my first paper back.  I had to use the APA6 style for citing information – and I got an A!  I guess I’m learning (thank goodness for amazing professors who care enough about their students to help them through this stuff)!  Yet, another thing making yesterday amazing.

I’m sure all of Grad School won’t be rainbows and sunshine like yesterday, but I already know I’ll never regret where I am or where I’m headed – and THAT is plenty to get me through each day.

This is my life…  In Progress.


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