3.9 GPA and Life Just Keeps Getting Better

The semester came to a close, after spending countless hours in the library studying, researching, writing, and stressing out.  Waiting for grades from this semester was even worse than waiting for grades as an undergrad!  Talk about anxiety!

Grades appeared … and there it was … a 3.9 overall GPA starring me in the face!!! A’s in all of my classes!  Something I have NEVER done before.  ALL A’s!! Talk about excitement!  If this wasn’t validation that I made the right choice in my life, I don’t know what would have been.

Grad school is amazing.  I chose the program I wanted to be in… I choose the classes I want to take… the classes are ALL significant to what I want to do with my future… and I’m good at them!!! Who could ask for more?  I’ve learned so much this semester, not only about higher education – but also about myself.  I’ve got such supportive family and friends… not to mention the supportive professors in the program.  I consider myself to be so blessed for living the life I’m living right now.

My contract for my graduate assistantship picks up August 1st, and I absolutely cannot wait!!!  I’ve met a lot of the people I’ll be working with and I couldn’t have asked for more awesome people to be surrounded by.  Things just keep looking up!

Right now, I’m enjoying my summer and waiting for my summer class to start up at the end of June.

I’m loving life right now… everything it has presented me with, and everything it has in store for me.  Loving it and living it, day by day!

This is my life…  In Progress.



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