Goodbye 2012 – A Year In Review

Anyone else feel like 2012 flew by with no warning?


I have learned so much about myself in the past year.  Looking at the classes I’ve taken and the material I’ve learned as well as the assistantship I currently have, and the people I work with, and for, and I can’t believe this is my life.  The person I was when I was an undergrad, compared to the person I am now … what an unbelievable change (for the better, of course).  I look at the research I’ve done, and the connections I’ve made and can’t WAIT for everything else coming my way.

I started grad school in the Spring of 2012 and was told that not many people start in the Spring.  Besides the fact that I have to be in school for an extra semester, because of how the thesis / internship program is formed here, I am so happy I started when I did.  The classes I took my first semester truly prepared me for what was to come and I’m so glad I took them when I did.

What’s next?  One more semester of full educational classes, a summer class in which I get to (hopefully) complete my lit review for my thesis, and two semesters to complete my thesis and an internship.  That’s it! (That’s it?).  When I look at how fast this year has passed, I can’t imagine how fast this next one is going to go. I’m not rushing it (okay, maybe a little bit) – but i’m excited for the next step in life to start.

In the meantime, to keep me grounded, I’m beginning to think about my thesis and what I’d like to focus on.  I’m hoping to do some research on advisement and how it aids students.  So broad.. I know.. I’m working on it.  Having connections and speaking with people in higher ed is helping me narrow down my topic, and helping me concentrate on some important aspects that I might like to write about.  Any input is welcome (seriously … anything that will help spark something – no input is bad input).

A year and a half ago I was freaking out about getting into grad school.  A year ago I was freaking out about my first semester being over and waiting on grades.  Now, I have to work on finishing with a strong GPA, a killer thesis, and some awesome experience to help formulate a great resume (which is mostly PR right now).

Recent advice given to me:  Reach out to other local colleges / universities and see if you can help out on projects and gain professional experience that way.  Every little bit helps.  I’ll definitely be working on this.

This long-winded, overdue post has been brought to you by a grad student who can’t believe she’s halfway done with grad school.  I guess what they say is right… time flies when you’re having fun!

This is my life…  In Progress.




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