Overcoming Life’s Brick Wall: Insecurity

“In order to go forward in life, your foundation must be built with balance and security.”

– Sid McNairy

“Empowerment & Beyond”

On a daily basis, the amount of people who make choices based off of what other people may think about those specific choices is remarkable.  Those choices can be about varied items; what to eat, how you dress, what your hair looks like, the type of music you listen to, or the way you respond to certain things.

This is more of a personal post, and I hope that what I share helps someone else see this in them, which in turn helps them grow from it.

screen-shot-2013-03-28-at-1-23-47-pmI’m currently embarking on this 6 week self- study journey, called Empowerment & Beyond, at the yoga studio I belong to (Sid Yoga)- and I’m coming to a close of my first week.  The chapter that I read this week has left me questioning a lot of things about how I see myself – which is what has led me to this post.

Where do insecurities come from?  Constantly, we blame other people for how we look at ourselves.  We say things like “the media designs societal expectations” and “people say things that hurt our feelings and make us feel badly about ourselves” – which, is all true.  The thing that we don’t often think about is how we can overcome all of that – how we can bypass all of the negative words and messages and just be happy with who we are.  It IS possible.  It’s terrifying, but it’s possible.

I have LOTS of insecurities.  I continuously worry about what my hair looks like (..it’s REALLY thin on the sides – like, REALLY thin, and I’ve always tried to hide that), I worry about my body type (..the way I look has never been good enough- ever), I worry about saying things that are going to sounds stupid in a room full of people (..what if it’s just not good enough?).  That’s just a few to name – I could go on for days.

During the last week I’ve made a pact with myself to fight the fear of what other people will think, and just allow myself to be comfortable in my own skin.  For the first time in almost 5 years (if not more), I allowed myself to go workout AND go to work with my hair pulled up, with no headband on – hiding the fact that my hair is the way it is.  I’m sure some of you have no idea how terrifying that is for me – especially because it adds to my fear of my body image … but, it has been TERRIFYING.  The fight that goes on in my head about what people are saying ab1493out it is a rough one (Will people think less of me? … If they thought I was pretty, do they still, etc.) … BUT the point is, that I’m doing it.  As human beings, we’re creatures of habit – and once you make something a habit, you adjust and it becomes the new normel.  So, while this is uncomfortable and nerve-wracking now, maybe one day I will adjust – but, I’ve got to start somewhere, right?  I’m hoping that this little (kind of big) step for me will lead me to being brave about other things.

My point in sharing this goes back to the quote that I typed out at the top of this entry, “In order to go forward in life, your foundation must be built with balance and security”.  I started thinking about the fact that if I’m going to let little insecurities hinder me, like what my hair looks like, how am I going to make the bigger decisions in life?  How is that forming a good foundation … for myself, or for my future?

When we’re younger, we have the mindset that we can overcome anything – that we’re invincible – and, as we grow we allow things to poison our mind.  Last night, in a class, my yoga instructor said that as females we must work on lifting ourselves up and making ourselves stronger – which reminded me of this video #LikeAGirl by Always (if you haven’t watched it, you MUST – I hyperlinked it, which makes it SUPER easy for you). Taking in the empowerment statements made at the end of class last night, plus watching this video, and participating in the self-study just goes to show that there are so many things we can be doing for ourselves to ring out the negativity and help us let go of the insecurity.  The word used constantly at the studio for a life change is “shift” – and I’ve decided that I’m ready for a shift in life.  I’m ready to stop being so concerned with the noise and start being content with who I am – all of me – and where I am, at any given point.

It may not happen in a day, but I’m beyond ready to knock down my own brick wall of insecurity – and I challenge everyone else to do the same.  It’s up to you – and only you.

This is my life… In Progress,